Saturday, August 10, 2013

New hair for a new me.

This week has been going pretty well for me. I had my Mum and her friend down to Cork for a visit and it could have been a disaster for me food wise. I normally would buy in lots of naughty treats and wine, not to mention the takeaway we no doubt would have had at some point too. Instead I popped into Aldi and filled my fridge with lots of healthy treats and made sure I made wise choices while they were here. We went out for dinner one evening and I resisted the temptation of the amazing desserts on display and instead settled for an ice pop later in the evening. I didn't feel deprived, instead I was proud that I was able to stay in control. 

I over came another major temptation this week which was "the road trip". I am a car snacker. If I stop at a garage, I will always come out with a bottle of diet coke and sometimes a curly wurly. Myself and my hubby were heading to Ikea and believe me, in the past I have done major damage on that journey. Not only do you have the long car trip and the boredom that goes along with that, there is also Mc Donald's on route, along with all the usual temptations like chocolate, ice pops, muffins etc. Instead I decided to pack a bag full of goodies that I pointed. I knew it was safe for me to nibble my way through all the goodies as I had tracked them all and I wasn't able to do too much damage. I had fruit, popcorn, a yogurt and a curly wurly. Even in Ikea I resisted my usual meatballs and chips, and instead opted for a tasty chicken breast with couscous. On route home, my hubby wanted to stop for a Mc D's and I even managed to resist tucking into his goodies. When we got home, I felt very proud that I had beaten the dreaded road trip & not done any damage points wise.  I feel now that I have the self discipline to be able to travel lots, and not have major regrets the next day! 

I have also walked more in the last few days than I have in months, it is like I've been bitten by "the walking bug". The dogs don't know what has hit them! I've made a few good choices like instead of driving into town, I walked down. It may have taken me 30 minutes more than driving, but I felt wonderful afterwards. I have realised, that some how, I have transitioned into a "lifestyle change". I think people believe being on weight watchers must mean its torture. Today in my local shop, the owner asked me how I was finding the programme...was I hungry all the time? Did I hate having to track food? And having to exercising....YUCK! Far from it. In the last few weeks, I've realised I am actually really enjoying taking care of myself. I know I am treating my body the way it deserves to be treated, with a bit of respect. My hubby keeps telling me to stop saying "I'm trying to be healthier, I'm trying to loose weight".... he keeps saying YOU'RE DOING IT! Which I'm realising is very true! :) I AM doing it! I've made a lifestyle change and I'm loving it. 

Normally I would treat myself with food...a nice box of choccies, a take away etc. But I decided that as I am now over 50lbs lighter...I might as well treat myself to a new "do" for a new me. 

This is my new life and the new me!

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